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Bill Haley And His Comets: Ten Cool Tunes


For the latest meeting of the Rock and Roll Trio (John Len, Ron Witucki, and Dr. J) our pre-assigned task was to come up with ten great songs from one of the pioneers of rock and roll, Michigan-born Bill Haley and his backing band, The Comets. Although Bill Haley will not be remembered for his singing voice or dynamic stage presence, he was the first Michigan-born rock and roll star.

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Ambiguous (My "Early Seger" Dreams)


am-big-u-ous (adjective) 1. having more than one possible meaning or interpretation 2. causing uncertainty or confusion.

I had some vivid dreams the other night after falling asleep on the couch while listening, for the third time, to Bob Seger's latest CD, "Early Seger Vol. 1". I don't remember ever having dreams that rhymed before, so this particular nocturnal experience was a first.  Maybe they were caused, in part, by the songs.  Some were even populated with a few major assholes.  My only explanation for these is that I must have inadvertently watched some FOX News programing during that day. These are the five dreams that I can recall. 

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Doug Fieger’s Rolling Stones Connection

Doug Fieger passed away in Woodland Hills, California after a long battle with brain and lung cancer on February 14, 2010. The Michigan-born rocker was best-known as the lead singer and principal songwriter for The Knack. 


Because he first achieved national acclaim in Los Angeles, many people might not know that the dawn of his music career and first important recordings took place while Fieger was still a resident of Michigan. The early recordings, which include the two albums completed with his band Sky, also involve a rather unique connection with The Rolling Stones.

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