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“Where You Gonna Go” lyrics

David A. Carson’s excellent book, Grit, Noise, And Revolution – The Birth Of Detroit Rock ‘N’ Roll provides background on the Unrelated Segments, one of the Motor City’s great garage bands.  Carson wrote; “The Unrelated Segments was a band whose members all came from Detroit’s downriver suburbs. Lead vocalist Ron Stults and lead guitarist Rory Mack were from Taylor, bass played Barry Van Engelen, from Lincoln Park, drummer Andy Angellotti from Melvindale, and rhythm guitarist John Torock from Allen Park. Torock was the band’s oldest member, and it was while taking a course in microeconomics at business college that he took part in a discussion about unrelated segments”.

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Charles Brunner: State Rep Drummed With The Mysterians

I’ll bet that very few of the 17,052 Michigan residents who voted Charles Brunner into the 96th District State House seat in the November 2, 2010 election knew anything about his rock and roll past. In his younger days, Brunner was a talented drummer and he played in several area bands. His rock and roll career included two brief stints as the drummer with ? And The Mysterians, a group made up of Saginaw and Bay City teens famous for their # 1 hit from 1966, “96 Tears”.

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Best CDs of 2010: Two Views

For this year’s list of the best CDs, I thought it might be interesting to present more than one opinion of what were the year’s finest releases. In this spirit, I invited my long-time friend and fellow music junkie Larry Van Cleve of Harper Woods, MI, to join me in celebrating the best of 2010 by emailing me his list of favorites to put on the site along with my own.

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