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A**hole of the Year - 2011

Have you ever tried to help someone and in the process of doing so, got involved with a third party who manages to turn a positive experience into a somewhat negative one by acting like an asshole?   In this particular case I’m going to define an ‘asshole’ as a company that makes a mistake, won’t admit it, and then proceeds to shift the blame to you. If you dare protest, they claim that they are not responsible for the outcome, and they have the power to put the onus on you to either clean up or pay for the mess they caused.

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Guy Mitchell Was Second Only To Elvis In 1956

Guy Mitchell’s name does not come immediately to mind when you think about Michigan rock and roll. But the popular singer had more # 1 hit singles during the first decade of rock and roll than a host of early Michigan Rock and Roll Legends inductees including Bill Haley And His Comets, Jackie Wilson, Del Shannon, The Marvelettes, Jack Scott, Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, and Mary Wells. 

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The Battle of Mickey’s Big Bop


"Rock 'n' roll smells phony and false.  It is sung, played, and written for the most part by cretinous goons and by means of its almost imbecilic retardation and sly, lewd in plain fact dirty lyrics....it manages to be the martial music of every side-burned delinquent on the face of the earth." - Frank Sinatra


As rock and roll moves through its sixth decade, it’s easy to forget that in the 1950’s it was characterized by government, religious, educational, and media spokespersons as immoral and sinful – and its purveyors as lazy and shiftless juvenile delinquents.

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