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Rock and Roll in the Movies Pt. 1: The 50's

It’s been 61 years since rock and roll music made its first appearance in a motion picture; but it was almost an accident that it was included in the soundtrack. The song, which was recorded by a Michigan-born artist, caused a sensation when matched with the images in the film, and its box office success spawned a rash of other rock and roll-related movies by filmmakers anxious to capitalize on this latest trend.

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Motown The Musical

Although no longer promoted as “The Sound of Young America”, the music and performers of Motown still reside in our hearts, especially those of us who grew up during the company’s heyday in the 1960’s and 70’s. It was a time when a young entrepreneur could start a record label out of a small Detroit apartment with dreams of making a mark in the music industry and have those dreams come true. And no one individual reached higher or achieved more than Berry Gordy Jr. Now his story and the music he helped create is debuting on Broadway in a flashy and exhilarating musical that will have theatre patrons dancing in their seats.

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Michigan Invasion 2013

 The Beatles spearheaded a mid-1960’s phenomenon that came to be called the ‘British Invasion’ wherein a wealth of rock and pop acts from the United Kingdom, as well as other aspects of British culture, became immensely popular in the United States. Besides setting rock and roll on its ear and selling millions of records, the Beatles were also a major influence in the formation of countless teenage bands across America, including hundreds in the state of Michigan. Forty-nine years after the “Fab Four” changed rock and roll forever, one of those bands, the Sixth Generation from Niles, Michigan, is planning an ‘invasion’ of their own at the birthplace of the Beatles; the city of Liverpool and its world-famous Cavern Club.

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