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Michigan Garage Band Compilations

Many of the nominated artists on the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends ballot come from the state’s vibrant garage band/teen club scene of the 1960’s. Most of these bands recorded and released just a few singles on small independent labels. Finding and listening to these recordings over forty years later can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are some excellent compilations out there that have made some of these hard-to-find 45's available to those of us who do not have the original singles but love this important genre of Michigan rock and roll.

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Destination Lucky's (A Memory)

My hands were sweating on the handle grips of my trusty red and tan colored Royal as we pulled to a stop in front of St. Laurent’s Nut House. The slightly fishy smell of the Saginaw River was strong as we put down our kick stands.


There was nothing like a little chocolate candy to steel the nerves for my first bike crossing of the Third Street Bridge. “Nuts since 1904” was painted in large letters on the distinctive yellow brick building and it never failed to draw laughs from the three boys from St. Joseph Grade School who piled into the shop.

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2009 Voting Results

There were several surprises involving the 2009 Michigan Rock and Roll Legends voting this year. With a record number of email votes cast, it was the first year that none of the inductees were named on at least 33% percent of the ballots sent in. In all, 248 Michigan artists received at least one vote.

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