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Knight Moves: K J Knight Tells All

by Gary Johnson

“And the drummer, he’s so shattered trying to keep on time” - M. Jagger and K. Richards

Sex, drugs, rock and roll, and crime  - it’s the perfect combination for a fast and enjoyable read, and Knight Moves, K J Knight’s memoir of his days as a respected member of Michigan’s music scene, delivers the goods and then some. Born Kenny Mills, the author played drums in a number of bands as a youngster before forming K J Knight and The Knightriders and adopting the stage name that he still uses today. The Knightriders won the 1966 Michigan State Fair Battle of the Bands contest, and for the next two years the band was a popular attraction at teen clubs throughout the state.

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2011 MRRL Voting Results

The Sixth Generation, a popular 1960’s regional band from Niles, Michigan, finished first in the 2011 email vote for induction into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends online hall of fame. Detroit’s Sonny Bono, one half of the famous duo of Sonny & Cher, finished second.

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