Michigan Rock and Roll Links

Check out these sites for more Michigan rock 'n roll history!

https://www.segerfile.com/ This is the ultimate Bob Seger fan site.  It contains a wealth of information about Michigan's favorite rocker.

https://www.soulfuldetroit.com/atdasd_headlines.php A fantastic site devoted to the history of soul music in Detroit.

https://www.lexjansen.com/fortune/  A site that focues on Fortune Records, Detroit's first great independent record label.

https://www.motownmuseum.org/ The official site for Michigan's greatest record label and the only rock and roll museum in the state.

https://keener13.com/  This must have been the "Detroit station"  that Mitch Ryder was singing about.  The site preserves the radio history of one of Michigan's greatest AM rock and roll stations, WKNR.

https://garagehangover.com/ This fab site is devoted to garage bands from all over the U.S. and also from other countries.  The above link will take you directly to the section dealing with Michigan bands.  Lots of awesome photos and audio clips.