Legendary Michigan Songs

41.) Mystery Man - The Frost

Artist Name: The Frost
Year Inducted: 2010

 “Mystery Man”  (D. Wagner) – The Frost;  Vanguard label;  Did not chart nationally - 1969.  Inducted in 2010.

“Mystery Man” was the first single from The Frost’s debut album, “Frost Music”.  Released in early 1969, “Mystery Man” was a monster hit in Detroit but it stalled nationally as Vanguard Records totally dropped the ball when it failed to adequately distribute and promote what could have been the band’s breakout single.

Dick Wagner, who was heavily influenced by the songwriting of Lennon and McCartney, penned the song while on vacation in Houghton Lake, Michigan.  He had just returned from a trip to New York and a failed audition for Blood, Sweat & Tears.  Wagner claims that he asked his wife for a divorce after writing the song.

“Mystery Man” was also the first song Wagner wrote for The Frost’s classic line-up that included Dick, fellow guitarist Donny Hartman, drummer Bobby Rigg, and new bassist Gordy Garris.  In a recent interview, Wagner stated that “Mystery Man” remains his favorite Frost composition to this day.

YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm4byxG9uaw