Legendary Michigan Songs

19.) We're An American Band - Grand Funk

Artist Name: Grand Funk
Year Inducted: 2008

"We're An American Band" (D. Brewer) - Grand Funk;  Capitol label,  # 1 Billboard Hot 100 - 1973.  Inducted in 2008.

Grand Funk's first # 1 single in the summer of 1973 marked the emergence of drummer Don Brewer as a lead singer and a songwriter for the group.  "We're An American Band" spent 17 weeks on the Hot 100.

The song was a chronicle of a rock band on the road, and it was based on Grand Funk's own experiences. They did play poker with blues guitarist Freddie King, there were four young 'chichitas' in Omaha who did take care of them while they were in the city, and apparently "sweet, sweet Connie", the groupie with legendary oral skills, demonstrated her talents on the band members.

"We're An American Band" was the first of six consecutive Top Ten singles for Grand Funk, and the song quickly became the band's anthem.

YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL4rXHt0_GI